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Kite Courses

If you would like to learn to kitesurf booking onto a course is the essential starting point.

Although kitesurfing is not as hard to learn as you may think, there are some essential lessons that need to be learnt before hitting the water with your kite. A basic level of commitment is needed to embark on this sport and by far the best to fast track your way to learning success is to book onto a course.

We run various courses and have designed them specifically to promote ‘kitesurf independence*’ in line with the International Kitesurf Organisation (IKO) syllabus.

We only teach with an instructor: Student ratio of 1:2 ensuring you get the best quality tuition available.

Kitesurf Independence: The stage at which the rider can arrive at any given spot and have the confidence to:

1: Decide whether it is safe to go out.
2: Have the knowledge to rig up the kit correctly and enter the water safely with the best chance you are going to enjoy the session.
3: Not have to worry you are putting your self in harms way and have to become someone else’s responsibility.
4: Enjoy yourself!

1 day course £100 per person

A one day introduction course is the perfect way to get your feet off the ground in the kitesurfing world. We will teach you everything you need to know as a beginner and make sure you have all the information you need to develop ...

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2 day course £190 per person

Our 2 day course is designed to get you out and learning for a longer period of time which we feel will give you the chance to better your understanding of the sport and everything that is involved. The aim is to get you ‘wate...

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3 day course £280 per person

If you have made the decision to give the sport a go, then we recommend a minimum of 3 days training to get you to the stage of ‘Kitesurf independence’. There is a strong emphasis on this with the 3 day course and in line with the...

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